March 7, 2022

FRANCHINI renews its trust in SALICO

Despite this extraordinary time, from the historical and economic point of view, characterized by market instability, the historic Brescian company FRANCHINI LAMIERE renews its trust in SALICO for the construction of two new cutting plants.

After the purchase of a 2,150*1.5 ÷ 12.0 mm slitter, currently being installed, FRANCHINI LAMIERE continues the constant technological updating of its systems that has always been its distinguishing feature in its more than 50-years-long activity.

With a view to innovation, SALICO has been commissioned two other plants with industry 4.0 technology that will allow FRANCHINI LAMIERE to continue the “smart factory” project, which began with the purchase of the Slitter line.

  • A 2,150*3÷12 cutting line with industry 4.0 technology which, with new technological and lay-out solutions for the processing of high-strength materials, will guarantee a greater production volume, increasingly ensuring the quality standards that have always distinguished the Brescian company. Automatic flattening groups, rotary shears for high thicknesses and non-stop stacker followed by an automated packaging section are some of the strengths of the new configured line that combines the skills and experience of the two Lombard companies.

  • A 2150*1.5÷6 cutting line with industry 4.0 technology which, thanks to the capacity of the SALICO Rotary Shear, the non-stop magnetic stacker and a highly automated packaging system, will guarantee to process not only hot rolled strip but also pickled and galvanized materials with a high production capacity.



An effective example of cooperation for a future of great results!