Commissioning of a “hybrid” cut to length line for the automotive market

During the first quarter of 2020, the new SALICO “hybrid” Cut to Length Line for trapezoids started industrial production at the TATA STEEL WEDNESFIELD PLANT, the largest automotive Service center that TATA STEEL operates in the UK.

The hybrid line is designed to process both carbon steel and aluminium alloys including ultra-high strength steel grades and the products are intended for automotive exposed panels.

The line can cut square sheets, curved cuts, trapezoids, triangles and additionally, has an integrated “multi-blanking” facility utilizing an integrated slitter head that cuts the strip in up to four longitudinal strands that are then cut transversely so that the four blanks arrive simultaneously at the stacker. This feature we believe makes this line unique.

The main features are:

  • A multi-roller leveler with three automatically interchangeable cassettes.
  • A slitting facility with slitter head, turnstile for automatic loading of the tools and robot-operated separators adjusting systems.
  •  A high performance Salico “Tiltronic” rotary shear for cutting trapezoids on the fly with automatic cassette change for the diez.
  • A high efficiency vacuum stacker and evacuation system.

Full automation of the line has been delivered by Salmec, one of the two automation companies within the Salico group, ensuring a well integrated mecha-tronic package, all under the same umbrela.

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