Commissioning of a New Degreasing and Cleaning Line for Stainless Steel

SALICO has succesfully finished the commissioning of a complete new Degreasing and Cleaning Line in OTELINOX S.A. stainless steel plant in Targoviste, Romania. OTELINOX S.A. was acquired in 1997 by SAMSUNG DEUTSCHLAND GmbH, a branch of the SAMSUNG CORPORATION company in Korea.

The line includes a very special alcaline cleaning system combined with double brushing stations and high pressure systems.

The line also includes welding machine, fast removal of the squeegee rolls and brushes, automatic surface inspection systems, oil separators, a very complete triple stations recirculation and filtration system, DM water plant and fumes scrubber.

Cleaning performance has proved to be in line with the customer high expectations for their very delicate and sensitive products.