Disks Blanking Line for PROFILGLASS

Once again PROFILGLASS trusts Salico engineering and construction capacity assigning order for supplying no. 2 Blanking Lines for production of disk-shape-parts wanted for making pots and lids.

The two Lines, sharing same pass-line and lay-out design, will perform blanking of Aluminium strips by unwinding coils ranging different material thickness as 0,5 to 4,0 mm and 0,5 to 6,0 mm in respective Lines.

A Floor-level travelling Coil Car carries the Aluminium coil in centre-line-axis of the Line between Opposite Mandrels designed to collect the coil by clamping it via expanding the Mandrels in coil bore which can feature different diameters like 508 and 610 mm.

Aluminium coils presented at the entry of the line are featured with or without inner spools typically depending upon the material thickness.

The Line, downstream to decoiling of coil by Opposite Mandrels, is provided with a 6-high Levelling Machine featuring 13 Working Rolls of diameter 70 mm.

After levelling, the strip features like a shallow catenary up to reach the Feeder of the line.

The whole portion of the Line from Decoiler to Feeder moves zigzagging from centre-line-axis to feed the strip to the Blanking Press according to the disk pattern to produce.

Disk pattern possible to produce is just circular in a large range of diameters like 120 to 630 mm; a dedicated software manages zigzag moving the entry portion of the Line to optimize blanking of the strip with minimum residual scrap.

Maximum blanking pace is 80 disks per minute.

Blanking Press is of mechanical swinging glyph type operated via flywheel with clutch – brake; die change is performed full-Auto.

Blanked disks are conveyed via motorized belt to Stacker; before entering Stacker fine levelling of single disks is possible by Levelling Machine featuring 13 Working Rolls of diameter 40 mm.

Non-stop stacking is performed via two Stacking Stations stacking alternatively.

Strip scrap residual coming from blanking is fed to a Crop Shear at exit Blanking Press for cropping.

A lifting gripper removes the stacks of disks from Stacking Stations and move them to 1100 by 1100 mm size wooden pallet where from minimum two to forty-nine stacks can be located.

Disks Blanking Line for PROFILGLASS minded to blank Aluminium does not represent limits to blank Copper and Stainless-steel.