In SALICO we are proud for the confidence that TATA STEEL has placed on us once again

TATA STEEL has once again placed its confidence on us for the supply of a high tech Coils Dividing Line for their hot rolling complex in Kalinganagar, state of Odisha in eastern India.

The line will process the hot rolled coils coming from the modern TSK Hot Mill with dimensions of 2.150 mm in width and thickness ranging from 8 up to 25 mm.

The line will be intended for flatness improvement, inspection, repair works and division of the entry coils into several smaller daughter coils. The technological solutions will be engineered to ensure proper dealing with the coils of thick and hard materials with special care for coils feeding tasks, tail out operations and safe and ergonomic evacuation of the finished coils of very thick material from the recoiler mandrel in unstrapped condition.

The line will include a very high level of automation and Level II. With the aim of having a fully open and friendly system, specialized engineers from TSK will be engaged in the development of the automation solutions right from the beginning of the project working jointly and in a very close cooperation with the Salico automation engineers from our Kolkata office and from our automation offices in Europe as well.

This new contract between Tata Steel Kalinganagar works and Salico is the continuation of a very fruitful cooperation that started back in year 2019 with the delivery of two automotive recoiling and inspection lines for the Cold Rolling complex in the same plant.