Back tension device

Tension generation with no surface scratching

The flagship of the SALICO Slitting lines is our unique tension bridle, that with the years has been used in many different applications, ranging from 0.1 mm aluminum up to 18 mm thick steel.

Our tension bridle does not require the use of felts of any kind, providing all the recoiling tension in a non sliding manner and therefore avoiding any marks on the surfaces of the slits, even when processing the most delicate materials. The unit also ensures an equal distribution of the specific tension all across the width of the slit strands and a perfect steering of the slits during the recoiling process. The tension bridle has no line speed limitation or strip surface condition limitation, being able to apply tension to either oiled or dry strips.

For special applications like slitting of aluminum dead soft alloys and H0 temper conditions, the tension bridle is combined with a vacuum roll system and depending upon the specifications of the processed strip, the line may incorporate one, two or even three vacuum rolls.

Additionally, SALICO has developed and supplied other kind of tension devices like eddy currents braking systems or belts bridle systems, each one used for specific applications and always guaranteeing surface quality of the slits.

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