Eccentric rotary shear SHEETTRONIC

High reliability and performance at high speed

In 1986 SALICO invented and patented the first eccentric rotary shear for metal cutting. Nowadays it is more than 250 units installed worldwide, for all materials and applications.

The very high dynamics, stiffness and balance of our eccentric shears make it possible to reach line speeds of 150 m/min with cut capacities up to 300 cuts per minute and maximum strip thicknesses of 16 mm in high strength steels (up to 25mm strip thickness is reached with our heavy-duty flying shears)

Of crucial importance when cutting into length are the absolute absence of marks of any kind in the surface or in the edges of the cut sheets, and also the obtained tolerances in the length of the sheets with values of +/- 0.2 mm for sheets of 2,000 mm in length.

Additionally, the SALICO rotary shear is the sole in the market to include, as a standard feature, a camber correction device which hydraulically moves the complete machine out of perpendicularity in respect to line axis so to minimize the difference in the diagonal in the cut sheets due to strip camber defect in the entry strip.

It is also worth to mention the use of the eccentric rotary shears as fast scrapping solution for heads and tails in slitting, pickling, annealing lines or any other process line where accumulator time is limited.

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