Multiroller leveler

Flat strip without residual tensions

The purpose of the leveler is to produce flat strip eliminating all the out of flatness defects which may be present in the incoming strip like center buckles, side buckles, long edges, cross bow or coil set. However, flat strip does not mean just apparently flat but also true flat or flat “without memory”, meaning that the sheets will remain flat even after further downstream processing, and will not return back to their original condition, due to the spring back action of trapped internal stresses.

The new generation of SALICO multiroller levelers has been specifically conceived to deliver a high yielding ratio over the strip section. By turning into plastic most of the internal fibers of the strip section (>85%), the internal stresses are dramatically reduced down to an absolute minimum level, making sure that the flatness of the sheets will remain after further processes like stamping and laser cutting, mainly.

An intelligent combination of work roll diameter, rolls pitch, number of work rolls, upper frame screw down capacity and drive motors power and transmission, has made it possible to obtain perfectly flat cut sheets without memory at the exit side of our levelers, even for the highest strength materials, up to 1,500 MPa.

SALICO levelers of different sizes have been manufactured over the years with work rolls ranging from 25 mm in diameter for the thinner aluminum strips up to 180 mm for the 25 mm thick strip

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