Scrap chopper

Scrap chopper that cuts rather than chops

SALICO has developed a unique design and concept of scrap chopper known as “Epicicloidal” scrap chopper, especially important for the thicker strips for which it is necessary being able to make a narrow cut to save material and for which blade life is very important.

Each of the cutting housings of the machine hosts two assemblies of five cutting drums, describing a planetary motion similar to the motion of the knives of an eccentric shear, with the end result that the scrap is not chopped but scissor cut like.

SALICO Advantages

The main advantages of this revolutionary design of scrap chopper compared to the dual helical drum standard designs, stand more evident when cutting thicker and harder materials:

Low noise level
Due to progressive cutting action as opposed to chopping.

Automatic Blades gap adjustment
For different thicknesses.

Longer blade life
Due to progressive and controlled cut action.

Knives change time
Knives are readily accesible by removing hydraulicaly powered covers.
Highly interesting for continuous lines.

Lower scrap twisting
Pinch roll units keep scrap strands under tension, so minimizing their tendency to twist and allowing to have narrower scraps, thus maximizing material savings.