Slitter head

High quality slitting

SALICO designs and manufactures its slitter heads targeting precision and strict tolerance values in order to guarantee maximum quality of the slit strips in relation to width, minimum bur, and shear/tear ratio. This is only achievable by minimum shafts bending, exact concentricity and parallelism of the slitter arbors, zero axial gap and our proprietary extra high-pressure tooling locking system, all leading to ha high quality slit cut.

SALICO Slitter head has a particularity that makes it completely different and one of the most reliable in the market: the way in which the tools are blocked in position on the slitter shafts.

Our unique system uses a proprietary special hydraulic cylinders and seals, integrated in the slitter housings and able to transmit an axial force of up to 200 tons per shaft.

SALICO Slitter heads are delivered in various sizes to slit materials starting from 0.1 mm soft aluminum, up to 18 mm thick steel.

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