Reliable joint for continuous processes

SALICO has developed its own range of stitchers with different solutions for the different application requirements.
In coil to coil lines, it is usually enough to use single or double row stitchers, eventually with a travelling frame.

For continuous lines in which stitch not opening is to be absolutely guaranteed when going through bridle Rolls, accumulators, furnaces, etc, stitchers do include their own hydraulic clamps, deburring or stitch mashing rolls, punch holes for stitch tracking, lubrication systems, air blowers, plastic protection applicators, etc.

Additionally, and having continuous lines in mind, in SALICO we have developed various systems for stitching die extraction and Exchange, always to be performed within accumulator available time in order to guarantee that stitcher always has a clean and ready die which will ensure line not to stop.

SALICO stitchers are nowadays operating in both steel and aluminum process lines such as pickling lines, annealing, surface treatment and passivation, electrolytic cleaning, etc.