Tooling change robots

Automating tooling set up operation

One of the processes within the field of finishing lines which demands more dedication and interaction of the operators for line preparation are the slitting lines due to the time which is needed for preparation of the slitter head tools. In the case of high thickness strips, in addition to time, heavy loads to be carried by operator are to be considered.

Inspired by the necessity of our customers, SALICO developed a very advanced single or dual robot system, fully engineered, designed, manufactured and automated in house for automatic and intensive cleaning of the tools, inspection and preparation of the tools set ups. All operations are automated and do not require operator intervention, except for process supervision.

SALICO Advantages

Time savings
In comparison with operator executed tooling change.

Safety and Ergomics for operators
By avoiding the handling of heavy pieces of tooling, which can reach up to 50 kg for heavy gauge lines.

Highly efficient tools cleaning system
Quickest in the market, by cleaning sets of pieces and combining ultrasonic and soapy water cleaning.

Knives inspection
An array of cameras allows the inspection and sorting of the knives following the evaluated condition.

High Speed
When compared to other robots in the market.

Man power savings
Up to two operators per shift can be replaced.