Leading European steel producer relies on Salico technology for its new Slitting Line project.

A leading European steel producer has recently awarded order to Salico for the supply of a Slitting Line capable of processing coil of 35 ton featuring incoming strip width 2000 mm in material thickness range 0,4 to 6,0 mm.

The Line is designed and thought for supplying the todays and the future market of the Automotive industry and applications in general presenting to this end a number of dedicated features like being able to process Steel and Aluminium.

Since Automotive is high demanding about surface quality, “Doctor Blades” are applied in number to keep clean all the rollers in contact with the strip surface; a specific cleaning device is featured at entry of the Line assuring no sort of dirtiness is brought into as the perfect strip conditions are checked over and underneath in a dedicated inspection area equipped with adequate lighting and mirrors.

The line is designed to be efficient in production changes; to this end Auto Slitting Tooling Changeover and Auto Separator Arbours Setup are featured in the Line to guarantee production change is effectively and timely performed. Robotized Slitting Tooling Setup of Salico proprietary design is scheduled to be implemented afterward.

The Salico Bridle Tensioning Unit is the indispensable complement in terms of guaranteeing surface of recoiled coils is free from defects while recoiling is performed 100% Energy Saving thanks to Bridle’s motors act like generators pulled by Recoiler’s motor.

Semi-auto Circumferential Strapping Arm fitted on Exit Coil Turnstile guarantee the Line can be restarted immediately after a batch of slit coils is offload from Recoiler i.e. circumferential strapping is carried out off the Line, not on Recoiler. On the way travelling the slit coils from Recoiler to Exit Coil Turnstile, a weigh-in station is the perfect complement of this Line. Not to leave anything out, the scope of supply include an Oiling Machine of Salico proprietary design and a Coil Tilting Device to overturn slit coils eye-to-wall to eye-to-sky.

The modern conception of Salico designed equipment will allow the Slitting Line can be implemented with other functions throughout the years to come like the needs will be.

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