Salico succeed Final Acceptance Certificate of CTL Line at VIG Metal – Turkey

Salico team brought to succeed Final Acceptance Certificate (FAC) of Cut To Length Line for Aluminium at VIG Metal these days of March ’23 as follow-up of successful Recoiling & Levelling Line supplied to the same company in year 2021.

The CTL Line features very complete not to spare anything from Line machines composition to Aluminium figures that can be processed in following order: Decoiler capable of coil weight 20 tons in width vs. diameter 2000 / 2200 mm, Levelling Machine equipped with full-auto Roller Levelling Cassette changeover to cover levelling of entire Aluminium thickness range 0,3 to 4,0 mm, Bottom Paper and Upper Plastic-film application devices, Salico Rotary Shear (Ed. reproduced over 300 units since the first made back in year 1986), Vacuum Stacker of Salicozero-inertia” designing principle i.e., sheets are individual stopped their run before dropping on stacking platforms, thus avoiding sheet edge damage and ensuring perfect piling.






The CTL Line at VIG Metal prolong Salico reference list about Aluminium hardly comparable among competitors worldwide.