SES-SALICO completes a successful upgrade of a Slitting Line at Aurubis Buffalo (USA)

The upgrade includes “Hands-free” Threading of slit mults and an Automatic Separator Robot. Working very closely with the Aurubis Project Team, SES-SALICO has developed a solution which both increases productivity and improves safety.

The threading device positively clamps the individual mults exiting the Slitter, and presents them to the recoiler mandrel. The unit includes a dedicated bending device, to create a suitable lead-end profile for ease of insertion of the mults into the gripper slot of the mandrel. The bending (yielding) of the material also serves to equalize the variation in lead end profile of the individual mults created due to the configuration of the packed arbor slitter setup, particularly for the thick material.

The threading unit is combined with a dedicated automatic robot to position the separator discs. This is performed completely in automatic mode. The separator shaft can oscillate to ensure the mults drop in between the discs without any manual intervention. Combined with an extremely flexible control system, this solution reduces labor and improves productivity, eliminating the need to load/adjust the discs by crane.

The system was installed and commissioned in less than two weeks with very positive customer feedback since implementation.