Start up of Recoiling & Leveling Line at VIG METAL

During the first quarter of year 2021 we have commissioned the Recoiling and Leveling Line for aluminium coils at the company VIG METAL, a young and very fast growing Aluminium Rolling Plant located in Kutahya, Turkey.

The company specializes in rolling and processing aluminium products for a wide range of sectors like construction, automotive, household goods, stockholders, etc.

The new line is conceived for the Side Trimming, Levelling, Inspection and recoiling of aluminium coils of 1.650 mm in width and a thickness range from 0.3 up to 3.0 mm at a speed of 200 m/min.

The line features the side trimming section with the side trimmer with fully automatic adjustments, a high efficiency scrap chopper and the levelling section with a heavy duty leveler featuring fast extraction of the cassette of rolls.

The erection and commissioning works took place during the months of pandemic and thanks to the big involvement and compromise of the project teams from both Vig Metal and Salico, the line entered in production as per the original project schedule without any delay caused by the pandemic.

From here we want to convey our thanks to VIG METAL for having selected us for the development of this very interesting project.

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