State of the art Slitting Line for Gränges Konin

Once again our long time customer Gränges Konin from Poland has placed their confidence on us, this time placing an order for the supply of a new State of the Art Slitting line. Along the years this will be the fourth line delivered by us to this top class Aluminium Rolling Plant with previous references of Cut to Length, Tension Leveling and cleaning lines currently in operation at this Plant.

The new Slitting Line will cut aluminium strip of 1.800 mm entry width into multiple narrow slits down to 16 mm in width and maximum 76 slits running at 500 m/min for the thinner gauges and 250 m/min for the thicker ones. Strip thickness up to 5 mm and all the alloys in all the different temper conditions.

The line will feature the most advanced systems in high precision aluminium slitting, like the entry high speed scrapping station, automatic measuring system for the slits width, CNC auto adjustment of the separator discs, Salico tension bridle specifically designed for very high sensitive surfaces of the slits, etc. Located at the exit side of the line, a Hot Melt applicator will apply a dry lub on both strip surfaces.

The supply is completed with a highly automated Packaging line, able to pack the slit coils in “eye to sky” or “eye to the side” condition. Automatic strapping stations, down-ending device for the individual narrow slits or down-ender for the wider coils, robotized applicator of wooden spacers, plastic wrapping, vacuum handling, etc complete the line.

The line is scheduled to start production during the first quarter of 2023.

From left to right: Pawel Rutecki (Development & Investment Director Gränges Konin) and Piotr Szeliga (CEO Gränges Konin); José M. Gerbolés (CEO Salico Group) and Juan L. Gerbolés (CFO Salico Hispania).

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