TODAY, more than ever, let us unite our forces

As in many other limit situations, we are witnessing examples of unity and solidarity in the battle against the crisis generated by COVID 19. From SALICO Group, we would like to thank all the health care community for their efforts and also to all those companies and professionals that through their activity and commitment make it possible for the continuous supply of food, medicines, energy and all other goods and services which allow us to continue with our safe and comfortable living.

In SALICO, it is a top priority to protect and preserve the health of all our human team, as well as attend our customer needs within the limits imposed by the different authorities and governments.

We are fully operational thanks to technology and communication tools. In order to maintain the quality and agility of our services, we are relying on our powerful servers and high speed connections together with our highly motivated team of professionals, even in these delicate circumstances. Our customers will be able to continue using the usual channels of contact with our team, particularly by direct cell phone with the designated person of contact.

Today more than ever we offer you our collective strength, commitment, and solidarity. We are convinced that joining forces we shall overcome the difficulties in front of us.

Share holders, management team and professionals, this is all persons in SALICO want to stand by you in these moments and wish the best for you and your families.

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