Successful commissioning of Automotive Cutting lines at Profilglass

Following the impressive growth path of our all-time customer Profilglass, Salico has recently delivered and started up two very impressive cutting lines for automotive and aerospace application. COVID-19 pandemic did not refrain the project teams of both companies to conclude the project in a very fast, efficient and successful way.

Combi Levelling and Slitting Line

Decoiling, Levelling, Slitting with final Recoiling of edge-trimmed coils or in multi-slit formats, these are the functions featured in the Combi-line designed to process Aluminium coils of the following figures:

  • Coil weight 25 tons in maximum outer diameter 2500 mm.
  • Strip width as large as 2500 mm ranging 0.5 to 5.0 mm in thickness.
  • Maximum Slitting Capacity achieves 35 slits at Line speed 400 m/min.

Strip Levelling is performed by means of a Leveller featuring 6-high Cassette design.

Slitting Shear is provided with Auto Slitting Tooling Changeover carried out in 5 minutes; Slitting Tooling are secured in position by Auto Locking mechanism of Salico design.

Scrap Chopper and relative Scrap Conveyor complete this unit.

Robotized Slitting Tooling Setup is complementary to Auto Slitting Tooling Changeover, featuring the Salico proprietary robotic system.

The Salico Bridle is the perfect complement of the Recoiling area in order to guarantee a totally free from scratches surface of the most sensitive qualities of processed materials. Adjustment of the separator discs is done in a totally automatic way via a robotized Salico system.

Electrical Cubicles, engineered and manufactured by Salico Automation, are fitted into dedicated climatized Containers, provided with office space and pedestrian & maintenance access doors, are installed 5 m high over floor level, thus saving space in the rear of the Line.

PVC Foil Application is provided upstream Slitting Shear and Paper Foil application in the Recoiling area.

Line ends with Exit Coil Turnstile equipped with high-efficiency Circumferential Strapping Facility of Salico design which provides for the maximum run uptime of the Line.

Cut To Length Line

The Line allows cutting Aluminium sheet up to 10 m along from coils of 25 tons in weight, featuring outer diameter 2500 mm and width 2500 mm in thickness range 0.8 to 9.0 mm.

Downstream to Decoiling function an Edge Trimming facility feeds the strip suitably set free from jagged-edges to Levelling Machine.

The Levelling Machine, featuring 6-high Cassette design, is provided with no. 2 Roller Cassettes to perform Levelling of the strip across the entire material thickness range.

Main Machine features are the Automatic Cassette Change, positioning of the upper “cassette” halve along the “X” and “Y” axis, the “localized corrections” incorporated in the lower “cassette” halve and backlash recovering of screws-down into the upper part of the Machine via a dedicated hydraulic circuit of Salico design.

The Salico Rotary Shear, the undisputed leader in the field of Rotary Shears, maximises the performance of the Mega Vacuum Stacker which completes the Line.

Upper PVC Foil and Lower Paper Foil applications are performed upstream Rotary Shear.

Non-stop Stacking of sheets up to maximum length 5000 mm is performed via two Stacking Platforms working alternatively, while Stop Stacking way allows to produce 10000 mm long sheet.

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