FRANCHINI renews its trust in SALICO

Despite this extraordinary time, from the historical and economic point of view, characterized by market instability, the historic Brescian company FRANCHINI LAMIERE renews its trust in SALICO for the construction of two new cutting plants. After the purchase of a 2,150*1.5 ÷ 12.0 mm slitter, currently being installed, FRANCHINI LAMIERE continues the constant technological updating

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Disks Blanking Line for PROFILGLASS

Once again PROFILGLASS trusts Salico engineering and construction capacity assigning order for supplying no. 2 Blanking Lines for production of disk-shape-parts wanted for making pots and lids. The two Lines, sharing same pass-line and lay-out design, will perform blanking of Aluminium strips by unwinding coils ranging different material thickness as 0,5 to 4,0 mm and

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