MARCEGAGLIA entrust SALICO with their Innovation Project

MARCEGAGLIA, one of the leading industrial group worldwide in the steel processing sector, has entrusted Salico with its innovation project which ranges among new Lines and Equipment as well as Revamping of some existing ones.

Minded to industry 4.0 as a common denominator, every individual project is characterized by a high degree of Automatization aimed to improve Efficiency, Production Capacity and, very important, improve safe and ease of working for the operators setting them free from grievous operations thanks to the support provided by dedicated robots.

The projects are worth singular mentioning of their main characteristics:

Slitting Line
Slitting Line I

Designed to process cold and hot mill rolled carbon Steel strip in width 1560 mm and thickness range 0,5 – 5,0 mm; the Line, meant to feed welded pipeline (Ed. this not within scope of supply), features:

  1. Robotic Slitting Tooling Setup with Auto Cleaning of Slitting Tooling all engineered and manufactured by Salico; the system is completed with Auto Slitting Tooling Changeover.
  2. Robotized Setup of Separator Disks Arbours.
  3. Scrap Chopper for an efficient management of the trimmed scrap edges from the strip.
  4. Double Loop downstream Slitting Shear allows slitting of coils of maximum dimensions without the need of a too profound pit, this providing savings in foundation construction.
  5. Salico Tensioning Bridle allows to perform a tight uniform winding of the slit coils, extreme care about the slits surface quality, one-hundred-percent energy recovering and no use of felt like it is common in other slitting lines by other equipment suppliers.
  6. Auto Circumferential Strapping of slit coils off the line.
  7. Rather particular is the possibility to carry out Auto Radial Strapping of a batch of slit coils when these are eye-to-wall position on arms of a Coil Storage Turnstile dedicated to this function.

Thanks to the above features the Slitting Line is designed performing 180’000-year tonne production capacity.

Salico tensioning bridle in Slitting lineSalico Tensioning Bridle in Slitting Line
Slitting Line II

Designed to process cold and hot mill rolled carbon Steel strip in width 1560 mm and thickness range 0,3 – 5,0 mm; the Line, designated to a Coil Service Center, features same characteristics 1) to 5) of the Slitting Line described above, performing same 180’000-year tonne production capacity, and is further complete with Slit Coil Packaging Line of the following characteristics:

  1. Coil Storage Turnstile at exit of Slitting Line is doubled at entry of Slit Coil Packaging Line.
  2. In addition to serve packaging of slit coils coming from new Slitting Line, a bay-to-bay coil transport bogie feeds Coil Storage Turnstile of Packaging Line with slit coils sourced from another existing slitting line.

All the following functions are carried out automatically:

    • After slit coils are singularly down-ended eye-to-wall / eye-to-sky from Coil Storage Turnstile are strapped radially by a double-heads Strapping Machine.
    • Still singularly, slit coils are then Radially Wrapped for maximum protection.
    • Wooden sticks separators to keep slit coils separated in stacking are placed in position by means of a robot.
    • Stacking of slit coils on pallet is carried out on 60 coils-per-hour pace among five stacking stations which are auto-infeed with the necessary pallet.
    • Stack of slit coils is strapped together with pallet; after placing on top of stack a plastic foil cover, the stack is wrapped in height by plastic film including pallet.
    • Labelling is to complete the packaging.
  1. A Down-ender has function to serve stack of slit coils eye-to-wall in case of need.

Revamping of Cut To Length Line

Designed to process Stainless Steel strip in width 2100 mm and thickness range 1,5 – 13,0 mm, includes:

  1. Relocation of existing Heavy Gauge Levelling Machine, which cover material levelling up to 13 mm thick.
  2. New Edge Trimming Section complete with Scrap Chopper for an efficient management of trimmed scrap edges from the strip.
  3. New Levelling Machine designed for an efficient material levelling in the thinner gauge up to 6 mm (2B material is presented to the Line up to 4 mm thick); the Machine features two different cassettes each one dedicated respectively to levelling the cold and hot mill rolled Stainless Steel by benefitting the Cassette Change is full-Auto.
  4. Revamping of the existing Stacker is focused to perform non-Stop Stacking for sheet length up to 4000 mm while maximum sheet length is 12000 mm.
  5. Auto Pallet Infeed to the Stacker is minded improving the Line uptime thus to increase the production capacity.
  6. Stacking Tables under Stacker made to handle stainless-steel sheet stacks on pallet, up to 6000 mm long, or “naked” stacks (Ed. without pallet) over 6000 mm up to the maximum 12000 mm.
  7. A compact yet efficiently Automated Packaging Area of the below features complete the Line downstream the Stacker:
    • Auto Placing of Coverage on stainless steel sheet stacks.
    • Double Transverse Strapping Machine for strapping of stainless-steel sheet stacks on pallet, up to 6000 mm long, or “naked” stacks over 6000 mm up to the maximum 12000 mm with Auto-insertion of wooden beams underneath the stacks.
    • Sheet stacks are possible to overlay one over the other by a design-to-purpose dedicated lifting device.
    • Packaging Area providing additional buffering of the produced stacks is also handling second choice production.
Mandrel of flange designMandrel of Flange design
Interchangeable Flanged Mandrels

For Pickling Line designed to process carbon Steel strip featuring width 1650 mm in the thickness range 1,0 – 6,0 mm; the existing Recoiler in the Pickling Line will be provided with two new tailor-made flange-design Mandrels which allow quick semi-Auto Change of the two Mandrels featuring different diameters as 508 mm and 610 mm.


We truly appreciate MARCEGAGLIA for counting on SALICO for their Innovation Proyect!

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